Thursday, October 24, 2013

Again and Again and Again...

It just means I haven't completely given up, (even if it has been nearly 2 years since I last posted anything to this blog.)  I went back to Weight Watchers meeting this evening.  I just thought I could do it on my own, but I definitely need the accountability of the meetings and I like tracking, or journaling, or posting (whatever you want to call it) my food, especially online.  I quit Weight Watchers the last time because of the cost, but then I thought, (besides the fact that I need the meetings), if Jerry can spend money on a golf membership, I can spend some on Weight Watchers.  Makes sense to me. (But to be honest, I spend money on my nails and a housekeeper and shoes, etc., etc.) I know losing the weight I've gained since I met my goal 5 years ago will definitely make me feel better and will be better for my knees and feet and hips, etc., etc., etc.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow for my annual physical and blood work.  He will probably say something about my gaining since my last visit with him, but I will assure him I'm back on track AGAIN.  I just wish I didn't have such an appetite for sweets and carbs, etc., etc., okay, for FOOD! Jerry had his physical and blood work on Tuesday and the doctor's office called and everything looks good; the doc told him to get more exercise and cut back on the carbs, (which we will be doing anyway, with me on Weight Watchers), but other than that he's doing good.  We (both Jerry and I) will start taking Daisy for a walk again at least 3 days a week when the weather permits. She will love that!  I'm still riding my exercise bike, too. My "new" knee is doing pretty good.  It's been 1 year and 8 months tomorrow since I had my knee replacement.  I still have some numbness and some tissue pain every once in a while, but no pain like before the surgery.  It's been 2 years 1&1/2 months since my shoulder scope/surgery and it still has never been right.  Still have quite a bit of pain with it, something I just have to live with, I reckon.  And yes, I did all the physical therapy, and when I asked the doc who did the scope about it, he just told me he had to do a lot of work on it and not to expect it to be like a 16 year old's shoulder.  Kind of upset me when he said that; I just wanted it to be like it was BEFORE I messed it up.  Dream on! Oh, yeah, I got my hair trimmed today.  I like it this time. We're going to go to Amarillo to see  Mother & Daddy, and Jerry's momma and Billie & Lydell next Tuesday before they head down south for the winter--that's Billie & Lydell heading south.  Well, I'm through "musing" for now.  I'll try to post more often than before, but don't expect too much.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

FaceBook--I'm back

OK, that didn't last long, not even a day. I reactivated the FB account, but I've started unfriending and unsubscribing, etc.--625 "friends"??? I don't think I really even know that many people. This will probably take a while. I'm only keeping family and friends I actually know or people I was actually friends with growing up. I won't be on there as much, I'll just check in to catch up on Scott and my sisters and other family once in a while.

Deactivating FaceBook

Is it just me, or has FaceBook taken over real friendships? I've decided to work on REAL friendships through face-to-face relationships, or phone calls, texts or e-mails to family and people I actually know. I'm not mad or unhappy with anyone on FaceBook, but I've decided to deactivate my account for a while. I found myself immediately going to FaceBook the minute I turned on my computer, and any down time at work, I would go to FaceBook. I found myself spending way too much time on FaceBook and NOT getting things done that need to be done. I used to read a lot more also. Don't get me wrong, this is just an experiment, and I may go back to FaceBook eventually, maybe sooner than later. But for now, I'll just phone, text, tweet or email you if I want to talk or let you know something important.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm officially a "senior citizen"

Ok, last Thursday I was having a great day. Got up, refreshed the color on my hair, started the laundry at home, had my fingernails and toenails done down at the nail salon, got my teeth cleaned at the dentist's office, was feeling pretty good about myself, no aches and pains; so I was feeling good and kinda younger than usual.....UNTIL....after all that, it was past lunch time, so I dropped by the Dairy Queen for a quick bite. I ordered a Hunger Buster Jr., a small order of fries, and a small vanilla milk shake. "Hmm, that cost less than I thought it would." I was handed the receipt with my number on it, and was immediately deflated. "Senior Discount!" Don't get me wrong, I like getting discounts, but the little chick-a-dee behind the counter hadn't even asked. Did I really look that old today??? Oh, well, she couldn't have been older than 12!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Can Always Start Again

Whatever you think you've failed at, you can always start again. So I've been told; easier said than done. I'm telling myself that very thing in many areas right now: my weight-loss, my Bible study, my prayer time, my blogging, my cornet-playing, my singing, my going-to-the-worship-service--(don't ask.) I've let all these things kinda go by the wayside, some longer ago than others. I always have an excuse, mainly getting older has brought on many new aches and pains that I HATE dealing with. All these things seem to have become a CHORE and NOT a JOY. I don't even know what point I was going to make here. Just needed to vent a little and I thought writing it down would make a difference and perhaps motivate me to JUST DO IT! I think my back and hip pain is just making me feel really down today. It is a little better today, but still not what I'd hoped for, still can't straighten up all the way without pain. I'm getting off topic. Let me "start again." It all seems a little overwhelming, but I guess blogging is my first step to starting again, isn't it? I'll try to tackle one thing at at time; add the really important things: Prayer and Bible! Then little by little the other things should fall into place. If you've ever felt this way, it's OK. God will always be there when you're ready to start again. I know! I've started again many times and He's always there; he's never left...I'm the one who wanders away. OK, it's time to start again; think I'll go read a Bible verse or two and spend some time in prayer.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Weekend!

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged. I'm not a very interesting blogger, but I guess if MMetze can do it, so can I. Hehehe. This has been a glorious Easter weekend. Scott and Lori and their three, Emily, Timothy & Zachary, got here Friday about 5:00 p.m. Jerry cooked out hamburgers and they were fabulous! I made the patties, but he seasoned and cooked them just perfect! Later we visited, relaxed and watched a Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone) Movie. The kids played on the desktop computer and watched kiddie shows on TV.

Yesterday I fixed sausage gravy & biscuits for breakfast. Then after everyone got dressed and ready for the day we played Uno Attack. It was a hoot! We then colored Easter eggs. That was fun and messy, but I had everything covered, so didn't make too big of a mess. After that, we stopped for a lunch of corndogs and chips. Corndogs are always a hit. After lunch Jerry and Scott loaded up and went to the golf course, even though it was soooo windy and cool; they just had to go play. The colored eggs had dried by now, so I had a bunch of stickers for the kids to stick on them. They had a great time doing that. After that, Timothy played on the computer and Zachary watched some TV while Emily and I played 5 hands of Yahtzee. She won the first 2, I won the next 2--the sugar game was very close but I barely beat her by 6. She's such a joy to be around.

To back up a bit, Friday evening Scott scooted the couch over to make more room for the dining table. That made it a little too close to the recliner, so I decided I'd move the 2 recliners and the table over about 6 inches. I struggled a bit, but got it done, but not without kind of hurting my neck and wrenching my lower back. I did this all without even thinking, my bad. I should have called Scott back in to do it, but NOOOO, I just did it. I used to rearrange the living room about every month or so, way back when I wasn't so OLD! It really is annoying--this getting old thing. I know, I know, I'm not really that old, but someone needs to tell my body that! I took a muscle relaxer and a pain pill and did the heat and ice thing on my neck. And praise the Lord, I'm feeling good today. Got away with it this time :)

Back to yesterday: Jerry and Scott toughed it out for 13 holes out at the golf course, but decided to come on home and get out of the cool wind! We took the family out to The Cattle Exchange for supper. It was really good! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. We all ate our fill and then some :) So good!

Today, I got up early and made some orange iced cinnamon rolls. The kids got up and I gave them the filled Easter baskets I had gotten them. Zachary commented "This is kinda like Christmas!" He was so excited over a little bit of cheapy toys. Made me smile. I love to see their faces light up. I then put a roast on to cook while we were at church. Got ready and went to Sunday school and church. Great Sunday school lesson and wonderful worship service, a time to reflect on the true meaning of Easter and give thanks for His mercy and grace.

After we got home from church, I got the rest of the Easter meal going while Jerry and Scott took pictures of everyone in their Easter duds. I went out for my picture, then came in and changed clothes, and finished up a dinner of roast, brown gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls, peach cobbler and iced tea. Everyone chowed down like they really liked it! For those of you who know me, I know you can't believe I really cooked, but I did and it was good. LOL. After dinner I stuck the dishes in the dish washer and put some in to soak in the sink. Then all the adults went out to hide Easter eggs. The three kiddos had a great time hunting them and with a "little" help found all of them. We then had them dump out the Easter baskets and divided up all the eggs equally. They were delighted! Now some of the adults are taking naps, some are picking up toys, etc. The kids are playing. I love listening to them play. I finished cleaning up the kitchen and now I'm taking a rest here at the computer. Later I'll pop 2 or 3 frozen pizzas in the oven for supper. I know the kids will be hungry later. Then they'll head back to Plainview.

Like I said, it's been a glorious Easter weekend with the fam. Happy Easter everyone! May you all be blessed beyond measure on this day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This and That

We're in the process of remodeling bathrooms and painting the inside of our house, I got to sing a special at Mother & Daddy's church, I've had a birthday, Brittany, one of our granddaughters, came and stayed a week, a friend was killed in a motorcycle accident, my work buddy's mom had a heart attack, I've done a Beth Moore Bible study; just to name a few things that have happened recently. Yet, I can't seem to find anything to blog about. I just don't take the time to do it and to me my life seems so run-of-the-mill. I love to read other people's blogs; they seem so much more interesting and imaginative than mine.

I have not done very well keeping my weight off. I've kept 38 pounds of the 58 that I lost off,(the weight sure comes back on faster than it came off), and am trying desparately to get back on track. So far, since Wednesday, I've done good, but my house is still in an upheaval which makes me stressed, which makes me want to eat. My exercise bike is out of place and can't get to it right now. Walking hurts--arthritis in my feet. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I know what I should be doing, what I should be eating, etc. So why don't I "just do it?" Enough whining! OK, I'm better, now. :)

We had a wonderful time while Brittany was here-went to Wonderland Park, went to Splash Amarillo, went to the show and saw "UP" in 3D, ate out a LOT, but it was sure good and fun!
(Even Emily got to come spend a couple nights with us.) It was great getting to know our 13 year old Brittany. She's quite a young lady and I enjoyed having her here.

We are going to Amarillo this evening to meet Scott and his family at the Dilla Villa for a meal and to watch the ballgame with the Wayland bunch, if we don't get rained out. Looking forward to it.

Better wrap this up. Gotta go home and get things together to go to Amarillo, spending the night at Mother and Daddy's after the ball game.