Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reflecting and No peas!!!

Several things have come to me in the form of emails and devotionals that have me reflecting on 2008 and the start of 2009. Thanks to all of you, by the way.

I won't say 2008 was a total "bust," but I sure had a lot of "pity parties" last year! For one, on 9/19/2007, I weighed 139.8 pounds; on 9/24/2008, I weighed 146.4! That's a gain of 6.6 pounds in one year. Now I'm suppose to be maintaining at right around 141 pounds, my TOP goal weight. But have I been? Well, NO! Yesterday I weighed in at a whopping 154 pounds (on my scales at home; I was too embarrassed to go to the official weigh in at the Weight Watchers meeting.) That's 7.6 pounds in less than 4 months!!! So TODAY I am re-committing (again) to follow what I know will work. You see, on 4/26/2005, I weighed 198.2 pounds, so I CAN lose, albeit slowly. The trick is to KEEP it off. I've had so many "pity parties" about not being able to eat EVERYTHING I WANT and still keep the weight off, or about NOT having the metabolism to burn off EVERYTHING I EAT without extra exercise, like a couple of women I know--I've got to quit comparing myself to others. Those kinds of "pity parties" have the pounds leaping back on. So they HAVE to STOP NOW!

Another "pity party" involves my spiritual relationships. I'm having a very difficult time because we still DO NOT have a pastor at our church. It's been over a year! I love my Sunday School class and that is probably what has kept me attending church each Sunday, but I am getting frustrated with our pastor search committee. I know they are "seeking God's will," but it looks to me like the church might just disintegrate before they find someone "suitable." Yes, I KNOW I'm suppose to be looking to Jesus and NOT a pastor, but we desperately need some human leadership, which we're NOT getting from the DEACONS.....just my opinion. One deacon and his wife have completely quit coming! Stop looking at others, only at Jesus, right? I've also let my own personal "quiet time" slip...MY FAULT, and no one else's. This is another area only I can remedy with God's help. Another very important re-commitment is in order here. Pray for me!

Yet, another "pity party" is about family relationships. Our oldest grandchild, Jessicca, is going through a difficult time in her life and has all but cut herself off from us. Traci, our daughter, her mother, is divorced from her dad. She chose to live with her dad in Texas since the beginning of the divorce proceedings-over 2 years ago, while her younger sister, Brittany lives with her mom in Michigan. Jessicca is very angry with her mom about the divorce and does not want to have anything to do with her mom or this side of the family right now, and it is breaking my heart! She was suppose to come to our house the week after Christmas with Traci and her new husband, Bobby, and Brittany. Traci didn't MAKE her come, so she DIDN'T! And it made me very, very sad. We had a good time with them and Scott & his family, but I really missed Jessicca. Another prayer matter! GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!

There have been a lot of other "pity parties" that didn't make the top 3 in 2008, but at least my health was good that year! No hospitals, no surgeries, not anything I can even remember! That brings us to the start of 2009.....

Guess who didn't eat her black eyed peas on New Years Day 2009. I could have myself another "pity party;" seems I've been sick most of 2009 already. I had a touch of the intestinal crud while the kids were here and off and on the next week, then I took this cold that I can't seem to shake. Could there be a correlation? No black eyed peas? hmmmm........ (Did I NOT eat them last year???)