Friday, June 19, 2009

This and That

We're in the process of remodeling bathrooms and painting the inside of our house, I got to sing a special at Mother & Daddy's church, I've had a birthday, Brittany, one of our granddaughters, came and stayed a week, a friend was killed in a motorcycle accident, my work buddy's mom had a heart attack, I've done a Beth Moore Bible study; just to name a few things that have happened recently. Yet, I can't seem to find anything to blog about. I just don't take the time to do it and to me my life seems so run-of-the-mill. I love to read other people's blogs; they seem so much more interesting and imaginative than mine.

I have not done very well keeping my weight off. I've kept 38 pounds of the 58 that I lost off,(the weight sure comes back on faster than it came off), and am trying desparately to get back on track. So far, since Wednesday, I've done good, but my house is still in an upheaval which makes me stressed, which makes me want to eat. My exercise bike is out of place and can't get to it right now. Walking hurts--arthritis in my feet. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I know what I should be doing, what I should be eating, etc. So why don't I "just do it?" Enough whining! OK, I'm better, now. :)

We had a wonderful time while Brittany was here-went to Wonderland Park, went to Splash Amarillo, went to the show and saw "UP" in 3D, ate out a LOT, but it was sure good and fun!
(Even Emily got to come spend a couple nights with us.) It was great getting to know our 13 year old Brittany. She's quite a young lady and I enjoyed having her here.

We are going to Amarillo this evening to meet Scott and his family at the Dilla Villa for a meal and to watch the ballgame with the Wayland bunch, if we don't get rained out. Looking forward to it.

Better wrap this up. Gotta go home and get things together to go to Amarillo, spending the night at Mother and Daddy's after the ball game.