Thursday, August 12, 2010

You Can Always Start Again

Whatever you think you've failed at, you can always start again. So I've been told; easier said than done. I'm telling myself that very thing in many areas right now: my weight-loss, my Bible study, my prayer time, my blogging, my cornet-playing, my singing, my going-to-the-worship-service--(don't ask.) I've let all these things kinda go by the wayside, some longer ago than others. I always have an excuse, mainly getting older has brought on many new aches and pains that I HATE dealing with. All these things seem to have become a CHORE and NOT a JOY. I don't even know what point I was going to make here. Just needed to vent a little and I thought writing it down would make a difference and perhaps motivate me to JUST DO IT! I think my back and hip pain is just making me feel really down today. It is a little better today, but still not what I'd hoped for, still can't straighten up all the way without pain. I'm getting off topic. Let me "start again." It all seems a little overwhelming, but I guess blogging is my first step to starting again, isn't it? I'll try to tackle one thing at at time; add the really important things: Prayer and Bible! Then little by little the other things should fall into place. If you've ever felt this way, it's OK. God will always be there when you're ready to start again. I know! I've started again many times and He's always there; he's never left...I'm the one who wanders away. OK, it's time to start again; think I'll go read a Bible verse or two and spend some time in prayer.

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