Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deactivating FaceBook

Is it just me, or has FaceBook taken over real friendships? I've decided to work on REAL friendships through face-to-face relationships, or phone calls, texts or e-mails to family and people I actually know. I'm not mad or unhappy with anyone on FaceBook, but I've decided to deactivate my account for a while. I found myself immediately going to FaceBook the minute I turned on my computer, and any down time at work, I would go to FaceBook. I found myself spending way too much time on FaceBook and NOT getting things done that need to be done. I used to read a lot more also. Don't get me wrong, this is just an experiment, and I may go back to FaceBook eventually, maybe sooner than later. But for now, I'll just phone, text, tweet or email you if I want to talk or let you know something important.


SplineGuy said...

I understand your frustration. I've done my best to have facebook copy stuff over to Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube etc., but since I mainly use facebook, I hope you don't miss any grandkid photos or videos. :(

JoGrandmama said...

Me, too Scott. Like I said I may go back soon.

JoGrandmama said...

What I may do is just pare down my friends on FaceBook.